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Dog-Cademy Training

The Dog-Cademy Centre

Training and Behavioural Courses using Engagement

steve 3The Dog-Cademy has been launched to cater for all dogs (Creche attendee’s or otherwise!), we have courses for all age ranges and disciplines and our centre is on site and headed up by Steve Andrews whom is known to many in the dog world. Steve has a reputation for offering training and behaviour analysis, developing techniques that encourage you to engage with your dog, all methods are kind and promoted in a calm environment.

All of our courses (both training and behavioural based) are limited to ten dogs only, therefore enhancing your experience, providing more individual attention, allowing you and your dog to get more from the training experience.

Some of our courses have a mix of being in our Training room as well as outside on grass.



The Puppy course is ideal for all puppies upto 8-12 months old, and usually they are between 12 weeks and 6 months old.  It is an 8 week course and covers all the basic obedience you will require however it also teaches you to engage with your puppy and develop your canine-human relationship.

It is training with a difference, it is with engagement.  You will also learn life skills and understand behaviour, this is a popular, great fun course.

Positive coaching with reward based methods.  Lessons are for one hour each week and are both in our Training Room as well as outside on grass.

  • Cost: £88.00 At graduation we have wonderful rosette’s, diploma’s and certificates.


This 8 week course is for owners wishing to take their obedience levels to a heightened level, and amongst other things RECALL UNDER DISTRACTION is covered in great depth.  If your dog gets easily distracted and runs off to play with other dogs, or maybe just runs off to a distance that you are not comfortable with, then this is the course for you! You will learn and understand market training as well as have development of your canine-human relationship.

We have many dogs that finish their Puppy Course or the Adolescent Course and then wish to continue their training, this course is ideal for those dogs as well as new students.  Lessons are undertaken both in our Training room as well as outside on grass to create as many stimulating environments as possible.

  • Cost £88.00 At graduation we have wonderful rosette’s for these students


Our Activities courses are a fun and stimulating environment, you will learn key disciplines from top dog activities including Flyball, Agility, Show Ring and Heelwork.  We teach owners to engage and enhance their relationships with their dogs.

We teach many different agility obstacles, break it down to each element, which means no hanging around for your turn (a common complaint during agility training), dogs don’t get bored waiting around, you simply move from jumps or tunnel onto the see-saw and weaving!

We always have a lot of fun and laughter coming from the training room during this exciting course!

  • Cost £88.00 all-inclusive for eight weeks

The Next Level

This course has been developed for our clients who have completed a program with us and just want MORE!  Our training methods are fun and you have told us you do not want them to end!

This is a small class where we teach you new skills to bond and engage, enhance your relations.  It is also an 8 week course, one hour each week.  This is an in-depth course which will provide you with a greater understanding of your dog’s behaviour.

  • Cost £88.00 all-inclusive for eight weeks

Adolescent – Stop Pulling Course

This course is for dogs with general bolshy adolescent type behaviour (it does not refer to their age!) So if TEENAGE SYNDROME describes your dog, then this is the course for you!

Common issues are PULLING ON THE LEAD, not walking to heel, lunging or barging through doors first.  Come and learn how to be the Pack Leader and stop these common issues.  This is a six week course, dogs with highly reactive behaviour towards other dogs, should be directed towards one of the Rehab courses, this course is genrally for lovely pet dogs who like other dogs, they just have some bad habits and a general cocky/bolshy attitude!

  • Cost £95.00 for six weeks


Rehabilitation – Anxious Dogs

This 12 week course allows long term rehabilitation, is your dog fearful, anxious or nervous?  Maybe of other dogs, strange things or just about everything?  We work with calm balanced dogs to build confidence and alleviate these issues.  Highly successful course with proven results, do look at our video’s.

  • Cost £240.00 for 12 weeks

Rehabilitation – Dominant Dogs

A 12 week behavioural course where we will create Higher Value Owners and channel your dogs energy to better engagement.  So, is your dog feisty and unbalanced? Or maybe dominant?  Reactive to other dogs? Horrendous barking at other dogs or people? Has your dog maybe failed our Temperament Test and is not allowed to come to day creche yet?  Come and have a free assessment to ensure this is the right course for your dog and we can reserve your space.

  • Cost £240.00 for 12 weeks

Private 121’s

Sometimes a dog may not be right to attend a group course just yet, you may have unique requirements and on occasion we have dealt with a dog that is not safe enough to be in a group environment.  All issues/problems can be addressed, we are not faint-hearted!

They are individual sessions lasting one hour and we have a group of dogs we can use to work with if your dog has issues with other dogs.

  • Cost £75.00 per session

We only have a maximum of ten dogs per course, and some of the courses are very popular, so book fast!

Telephone 01473 636151 to reserve a space or book a free assessment

where we can advise on the best course for your dog


  • Annually we have a three day course for your children and your dogs!  Again, spaces are very limited, the week will cover Doggie Pampering and Health Checks, Lead Walking, Agility, Flyball, Nature Trails, Learn Tricks, Be A Creche Carer For The Day.
  • Lunch and full refreshments is provided and this runs in the summer holidays every year, allowing you to have child care and dog care all sewn up!
  • Educational, fun, interesting and safe, the kids love it!
  • All staff involved are fully CRB (now DBS) checked and relevant insurances are in place.


  • All Other Courses Starting In October Are Full
  • Puppy – Friday 21st October ONE SPACE LEFT
  • PUPPY PARTY Saturday 22nd October
  • Puppy – Thursday 3rd November
  • Obedience – Friday 11th November
  • Puppy – Friday 25th November
  • Private 121’s available


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