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Top Dogs

 Top Dogs



suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-leftAuntie Kerry is our General Manager and comes to us with a wealth of skills gained from a local company in Ipswich. She is our Senior Manager at Martlesham and is responsible for all our services and the smooth operations our clients receive.
Kerry has her own menagerie at home as well as her young daughter Sophie, so she has always juggled work and home life admirably.

She has bags of customer service, front of house and marketing experience, her mission is to enhance everything we do, making the experience for you and your dogs the very best it can be. She searches and prepares the launch of new services and stays on top of the industry, ensuring we are complaint and ahead of the game.

Kerry is our Top Dog at Martlesham and with her boundless enthusiasm she makes every day fur-bulous!



suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-rightAuntie Kelly is our Front Of House Manager she joined us from a highly respected local Hotel, where she gained many years managing Front Of House for hooman guests, so adapting to our four-legged day and night guests is a breeze…

Already a winner with your dogs, her care and attention to detail is outstanding, Kelly remembers all the dogs names (which is no mean feat, with over 1,000 dogs registered!) and she ensures your first impression through to managing your account is handled effortlessly and with ease.

Auntie Kelly wins hearts everywhere with her calm and delightful manner and is a firm favourite with you all!
Milo is her adorable four-legged who now gets to come work with Momma every day, he has quickly become a bestie to many of your dogs and sulks now when its Kelly’s day off.



Courtney and Rachel have the most varied roles within the business, they manage Activity Rooms full of staff and dogs, they can manage the Reception and cover Front of House as well as manage the whole crèche over the weekend!. #multi-skilled


suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-leftAuntie Courtney did almost all of her work experience with us back in the day! She was specifically recruited for the new Creche and she coped very quickly with learning all the new processes (which must have been daunting), she is easy going , fun packed, makes the games really exciting and your dogs totally love her!

Courtney has grown in confidence, and leadership skills, she has developed her own style and we are dedicated to seeing her progress within our business.

She has fallen in love with many of your pooches, she is caring and kind and the dogs safety and care is well covered under her watch! She finally got her own “first puppy” Dobbie her teeny tiny dachsie, with the massive personality.


suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-rightAuntie Rachel has owned dogs and been around dogs all her life, with labs being a big focus!

Rachel is seen as the fun one in the dogs eye’s, they adore her and she has a group that will not leave her alone, they always seek her out knowing that the games are going to be right up their street!

Rachel studied Animal Care at Otley (with Courtney) and made a dedicated commitment to progressing within this industry, she had to wait it out patiently until a role came up that she would be suited for and desperately want, and finally her patience was rewarded!

Previously she has worked in her local vets and did a vast amount in an animal shelter, so her various breed specific experience is quite advanced.

She is on a very intense development program with us, covering both animal behaviour skills as well as growing her leadership and management skills, so this is one gal who is working hard!



suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-leftUncle Josh is our Apprentice Champion, he is responsible for all inductions and mentors the Apprentice in our programs. He is integral in their selection process and also travels to other franchised sites to aid the development and training of their apprentices.

He is on a very challenging development program with us which stretches him both personally and academically, and we have a full career line mapped out for Josh which will see him go on to achieve some fantastic things in the animal industry.

He lives with his family dog Peggy the Puggle, a regular crèche attendee and Josh when not in his champion role, can be found as a multi-skilled member of our team. He loves to be in the thick of it all in the Activity Rooms playing games with the dogs and entertaining them, he is also on our lifeguard team, an assistant in the Dog-Cademy and a fixture on the Puppy Party team. Adored by your dogs?…naturally.


 Canine Carers (Gamesmakers)


suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-rightOriginally joined as an Apprentice and has been with us forever, he leads in Activity Rooms, plays a key life guard role for our Splashes and is mentored by Steve in our Dog-Cademy where he assists in the training courses and rehabilitation programs. Karl is the proud Pops of an adorable Springador and totally excitable Cocker!

He has a massive following of adoring dogs, with some literally running into his arms in the mornings! DBS checked to an enhanced level, he also assists during our Me and My Best Friends Events where he works with the children and their dogs. Qualified also to Level 3 Animal Management as well as Human and Canine First Aid Certified. He is incredibly multi-talented and he can be found across many different departments in Creche.



suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-leftTerri was our first apprentice and has been with Martlesham since the very beginning, she is a lot of “firsts”, work experience attendee, apprentice and member of staff, finally becoming a Canine Carer and heads up service in the Splish Splash Pool as our Head lifeguard. Terri lived with her wonderful Greyhound Joe for many years and has recently rescued a Labrador who she is rehabilitating.

Terri has completed many training programs and qualifications with us, including both her Level 2 and Level 3 Animal Care and an additional Business Management NVQ, she is also one of our First Aiders and is Certified in both Human CPR and Canine First Aid.



suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-rightAuntie Claire is Head Game Maker, she is responsible for sourcing new idea’s, inventing new games, buying themed weeks props and generally she is dedicated to ensuring your dogs are having an euphoric time.

Auntie Claire is one of our most multi skilled staff, for as well heading up the Games in the Activity Rooms, she is trained to support in the Dog-Cademy, as well as some pampering in the on-site salon. She is also DBS Certified to an enhanced level and works closely with Steve to ensure the children during our events have a varied and fun time.

Living with her dear lab Lucy for many many years, she is on a wait list for a new puppy and is in the meantime ensuring she is top of the list with the pupsters for Auntie Claire cuddles – she is our “national treasure”.



suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-leftBeth joined us as an Apprentice and is now a Canine Carer, she is qualified to Level 3 City & Guilds Animal Management and will progress with us and gain more qualifications now she has established herself with us.. She delivered an exemplary track record during her apprenticeship and has become a highly valued member of team.

Beth is calm and exudes the correct level of energy which ensures the pooches thrive around her, she loves the birthday parties and agility games. She joins our lifeguard team for Splashes and has recently started to participate in our Puppy Parties.



suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-rightAuntie Jodie joined the team in a volunteer role, face to face she is very quiet and you would never believe that she can manage and engage with 30 plus dogs at one time, so we asked her to show us what she could do! Needless to say, a permanent role was offered to her very shortly afterwards.

Jodie has bags of natural talent, she just needed an outlet to shine, the dogs adore her and are always waiting at her side to see which game will be next!
Jodie agreed to some personal development and we sourced some training where she was assessed by show rather than tell, and this resulted in her gaining a City & Guilds qualification, she is also Human CPR trained and Certified in Canine First Aid.



suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-leftMegan came to us for work experience whilst she was still in High School, she made an enormous impression and was told “contact us when you are looking for a job”, needless to say she did, and we offered her a role as an Apprentice immediately.

Megan is very advanced in both skill sets and academically for her age and she is our youngest Apprentice to be accepted on the higher Level 3 City & Guilds program.

Once her Apprenticeship is concluded she will progress onto further programs, we are committed to providing her with all the development she requires and have a full career line mapped out for her – this one gal to watch, she will go far!


Dream Team
(because they work at night whilst we are snoozing)


suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-rightAuntie Lauren heads up our Night Dream Team, responsible for ensuring the comfort of your pooches throughout the night in our hotel.

She has a very high scoring on our profiling for caring, kind of a necessity for this role as she makes sure all the dogs are content, fed, sleeping and feel safe and loved. From first time sleepovers for puppies to full-on stag parties for the fun crowd, she makes sure the favourite TV program is on the box, and the night night biscuits are at the ready.



suffolk-canine-creche-paw-print-leftYour dream team (nights!) are made up of Rachel, Rebecca and Marie who all work on a four on and four off shift pattern which is headed up with Lauren.

Their standards are high, they pay attention to detail and they are fur-bulous are bedtime cuddles and kisses!

These are the staff memers whom you regularly view on the webcams, popping in and out of bedrooms, tucking in blankets and offering through the night care and attention.


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